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•   Jacqueline Kegeles (Saint Anne) (1965)  8/2
•   Betty Parman (Bradley) (1964)  8/1
•   Carol Norris (Rice) (1964)  7/30
•   Becky Crawford (Stafford) (1965)  7/29
•   John Goff (1967)  7/29
•   J. Mark Ferguson (1965)  7/28
•   Robert M. Lee, Jr. (1965)  7/27
•   Franci McGauhey (Brenner) (1966)  7/27
•   Benjamin Douglas (1959)  7/26
•   Mike Kanze (1965)  7/24
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31 live in Alabama (USA)
3 live in Alaska (USA)
35 live in Arizona (USA)
5 live in Arkansas (USA)
2 live in Armed Forces Pacific (USA)
136 live in California (USA)
46 live in Colorado (USA)
5 live in Connecticut (USA)
3 live in Delaware (USA)
10 live in District Of Columbia (USA)
125 live in Florida (USA)
53 live in Georgia (USA)
17 live in Hawaii (USA)
4 live in Idaho (USA)
15 live in Illinois (USA)
9 live in Indiana (USA)
5 live in Iowa (USA)
9 live in Kansas (USA)
11 live in Kentucky (USA)
10 live in Louisiana (USA)
6 live in Maine (USA)
50 live in Maryland (USA)
22 live in Massachusetts (USA)
14 live in Michigan (USA)
9 live in Minnesota (USA)
6 live in Mississippi (USA)
15 live in Missouri (USA)
3 live in Montana (USA)
12 live in Nebraska (USA)
26 live in Nevada (USA)
4 live in New Hampshire (USA)
19 live in New Jersey (USA)
26 live in New Mexico (USA)
26 live in New York (USA)
50 live in North Carolina (USA)
19 live in Ohio (USA)
17 live in Oklahoma (USA)
31 live in Oregon (USA)
25 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
7 live in Rhode Island (USA)
25 live in South Carolina (USA)
19 live in Tennessee (USA)
143 live in Texas (USA)
9 live in Utah (USA)
4 live in Vermont (USA)
1 lives in Virgin Islands (USA)
151 live in Virginia (USA)
34 live in Washington (USA)
3 live in West Virginia (USA)
12 live in Wisconsin (USA)
3 live in Wyoming (USA)
1 lives in Nunavut (Canada)
866 live in USA
1 lives in Canada
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Belgium
1 lives in Belize
1 lives in Costa Rica
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Japan
1 lives in Malaysia
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Norway
1 lives in Switzerland
2 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Venezuela
846 location unknown


•   Gay Baker (Forloine) (1960)  8/2
•   Jean Bowman (Sanders) (1957)  8/3
•   Pat Corcoran (1960)  8/3
•   Helen Council (Miles) (1961)  8/3
•   Donald Dickson (1959)  8/4
•   Joy Ortenburger (Nunn) (1963)  8/4
•   William A. Bridenstine, Jr. (1965)  8/6
•   Judith Derbin (Seilhymer) (1956)  8/6
•   Claude Dixon (Jr. ) (1962)  8/6
•   Jaye Lucia (Duffy) (1964)  8/6
•   Art Locklear (1966)  8/7
•   Leigh Blood (1965)  8/8
•   John Pash (1968)  8/8
•   Edwardene Bielecki (Pitcock) (1962)  8/9
•   Roberta "Bobbi" Harris (Davis) (1968)  8/9
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New video!!! Go to the "Some Fun Links" page to see a video of the first football game between PAHS and Poitiers, discovered by Carol Davy Maki






A reunion is scheduled March 16-20, 2016 at  the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort Orlando, which is the same place we had it years ago when it was called the Regal Sun Resort.  It has been completely redone.  We have the same hospitality rooms on the 7th floor.  There will be a slightly different schedule that will come out later.  Click here for our direct link for hotel reservations. If you make reservations by phone or some other method, be sure to state that you are with the Paris American High School reunion.

This will be the last reunion unless someone else steps up to bat.  The current committee has been doing this for long enough and a lot of us are “aging out”.  Too many are no longer willing to travel and the Washington, DC area has priced itself out of the market with $140 rooms plus tax, expensive banquets, unbearable traffic, etc.  Many in the DC area just attend the banquet and never stay for the other events.

This year, we checked on a couple of properties in Palm Springs, Reno, Cincinnati area, north of Atlanta, New Orleans, and Asheville in addition to DC.  It came down to a central location for all of us to bring our families, grandkids, etc. AND to get the Yankees out of the snow for a change! (IF they can get out of their airports!).  Thanks to all of you that gave us input ideas for places for a reunion!

Please try to make this one since it really will be considered the last one.

We will be coming out with a rough schedule in the near future.  In the meantime, here are some sites of interest to all since we are near Downtown Disney (walking distance).  The Windham site has several others.

Click on the Eiffel Tower and you will be on top of it.

Move your mouse pointer to go around...