What is a BRAT anyway? 

We hear the term “military brat” often. Many don’t use the term as frequent, and some of us use it as a definition of who we are.

As cliché as it might sound, the term military brat is almost the exact opposite of who we are. In fact, most take pride in the term, because it indicates that their father/mother and other 3million soldiers serve for our country.

“Military Brat” was previously originated from the British acronym BRAT (British Regiment Attached Traveler). Most military brats use this as a title because we all are in fact attached travelers. Where ever the military sends us, we go. This of course requires hardships that include moving around the world, leaving friends, frequently changing schools, and even worse, coping with long-term deployments.

This lifestyle has become accustom too many of us brats. PCS’ing (Permanent Change of Station) every two years was considered regular. Some kids get lucky enough so their parents get to stay at their duty station for several years. However after attending nine different schools, three being high schools, and dealing with a mother/father at war, things become insanely difficult in a kid’s life. We become nothing more than an attached traveler. www.militarybratlife.wordpresscom

Or as we say  Born Raised and Traveled!


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