Paris in the Northwest

The PAHS Paris in the Northwest Reunion was a great success! 

If you were there - it was great seeing you - and if you didn't make it - we missed you.

Now that we’re all unpacked from the 2018 Portland Reunion and the reunion committee has had a chance to catch its breath, here are some of our findings. These come both from the survey the committee did of those attending and the anecdotal comments shared by many of the attendees.

We had 69 total attendees including 26 couples, from classes ranging from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. Quite a few of you were attending your first PAHS Reunion and were very glad that you finally joined us for this one.

Top Three Things We Did Well

  • Emails and information-sharing about the reunion, including things to do and see during free time
  • Providing a balance among events (reception, dinner-dance), excursions (wine tasting, brunch cruise), and unstructured free time
  • The location of the hotel, especially its “walkability” proximity to sights and attractions in downtown Portland

One Thing You Want Us To Do Differently Or Improve

  • Provide a larger and more comfortable hospitality suite

You shared other things with us in each of the above two categories, which we have noted. The above things were the ones that really boomed out to us in the survey results and your stories.

Future Reunions

  • Four out of five of you said we should have a 2020 reunion France. Your thinking (and that of the committee) is that we are not getting any younger. With advancing age travel becomes more problematic for some of us. So, your committee will move ahead early next year with planning for a 2020 France reunion.
  • 2022 was the heavy favorite for the next stateside reunion, with folks having about an equal preference for DC-area and New Orleans based reunions. Other potential reunion locations trailed significantly.

So… Start saving your money if you’d like to join us in France during 2020. Based upon the costs of our 2015 France reunion, if you put aside about $200 to $300 a month, you should have enough to cover most of the costs, depending of course upon where you will travel from, and how large your party.

See you all in France!