Reunion 2018 Survey

Thank you for attending your 2018 Paris in the Northwest Reunion! It wouldn’t be the special event it is without you! We hope you will have a grand time and will help your Reunion Committee improve how we plan for future reunions by answering these few questions.

**Please print the form, answer the questions and email to 

1. What has the Reunion Committee done well in organizing and executing this reunion?


2. What area(s) should the Committee improve upon for future reunions?


3. If you registered for the reunion after 1 August 2018 what factor(s) caused you to wait until then?


4. We are considering holding a reunion based in France in 2020. If we did this, would you likely attend?        YES    NO     (circle one)


5. When and where should we hold our next U.S. based reunion? (Circle one or more)

    2020?          2021?          2022?         2023?         2024? 

  Where would you like to see our next U.S. reunion held?  


Thank you for helping us improve your reunion experience!