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•   Dick Ambrose (1959)  5/23
•   Thomas Yantz (1962)  5/23
•   Mel "Bud" Zimmerman (1960)  5/21
•   Kathleen Krank (Bicknell) (1969)  5/21
•   Bob Goodwin (1967)  5/8
•   Cynthia Sims (Kirkland) (1966)  4/28
•   Mary Astarita (Blades) (1966)  4/27
•   Laura Young (Palmer) (1966)  4/27
•   John Francis Boldway (1967)  4/27
•   Brant Weatherford (1966)  4/26
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

31 live in Alabama (USA)
4 live in Alaska (USA)
35 live in Arizona (USA)
6 live in Arkansas (USA)
1 lives in Armed Forces Pacific (USA)
133 live in California (USA)
50 live in Colorado (USA)
4 live in Connecticut (USA)
5 live in Delaware (USA)
11 live in District Of Columbia (USA)
133 live in Florida (USA)
57 live in Georgia (USA)
17 live in Hawaii (USA)
4 live in Idaho (USA)
16 live in Illinois (USA)
8 live in Indiana (USA)
5 live in Iowa (USA)
8 live in Kansas (USA)
11 live in Kentucky (USA)
8 live in Louisiana (USA)
6 live in Maine (USA)
50 live in Maryland (USA)
21 live in Massachusetts (USA)
14 live in Michigan (USA)
9 live in Minnesota (USA)
5 live in Mississippi (USA)
16 live in Missouri (USA)
3 live in Montana (USA)
12 live in Nebraska (USA)
27 live in Nevada (USA)
3 live in New Hampshire (USA)
17 live in New Jersey (USA)
26 live in New Mexico (USA)
26 live in New York (USA)
51 live in North Carolina (USA)
19 live in Ohio (USA)
18 live in Oklahoma (USA)
31 live in Oregon (USA)
25 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
1 lives in Puerto Rico (USA)
7 live in Rhode Island (USA)
27 live in South Carolina (USA)
19 live in Tennessee (USA)
139 live in Texas (USA)
9 live in Utah (USA)
5 live in Vermont (USA)
1 lives in Virgin Islands (USA)
149 live in Virginia (USA)
36 live in Washington (USA)
3 live in West Virginia (USA)
12 live in Wisconsin (USA)
2 live in Wyoming (USA)
1 lives in Nunavut (Canada)
902 live in USA
1 lives in Canada
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Belgium
1 lives in Belize
1 lives in Costa Rica
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Japan
1 lives in Malaysia
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Norway
1 lives in Switzerland
2 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Venezuela
824 location unknown


•   Terrie O'Donnell (1969)  5/23
•   Carole Weinzettle (Davis) (1964)  5/23
•   Thomas Doane (1962)  5/24
•   Glenn Hall (1954)  5/24
•   Rus Krause (1965)  5/24
•   Dean Phelan (1960)  5/26
•   Beverly Borden (Phipps) (1964)  5/27
•   Peter W. Burnham (1967)  5/27
•   Nancy (Anne) Gore (Eakin) (1961)  5/28
•   Rod Laursen (1967)  5/28
•   Michael Richwine (1966)  5/29
•   Sandy Betts (Thomas) (1961)  5/30
•   Robert Leibecke (1965)  5/30
•   Phil Dandino (1964)  5/31
•   Carole Sullenberger (Shukle) (1965)  6/1
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Start making your plans now for the next PAHS reunion, Paris In The Northwest.

Please complete the survey form posted (page link on the left) so that we better assess interest/ideas/attendance.
Thank you,
PAHS Reunion Committee

The following is note from Carl Chaffee, Judy Clowes Chaffee's husband, regarding Judy's interment. He asked me to let any friends know in case anyone would like to be there:

"We will have a family and friends gathering on the 24th of June, 2017 and would like to invite you. It will be in Camptown PA.

Following are the details:

The plan is to overnight in B and B's close to camptown, PA- as there are no 4 seasons hotels close by. I've asked the funeral director for recommendations, the service will be in the late morning of the 24th at the Camptown Cemetery followed by noon lunch in a nearby Wyalusing Victorian Hotel with the appropriate amount of champagne. The dress code is "FUN."

Camptown is in the middle of nowhere, about 3 hours north of Scranton and 4.5 hours from washington.

. Camptown is the ancestral home of the Smith (my) family. they are all interred in the family plot in the Camptown Cemetery As I will be interred there, judy and I wanted to be together. It is a beautiful site in the rolling hills. I'd like to arrange a short tour of Camptown for the family so the little ones have some idea of their heritage. For a tourist attraction nearby is the "Asylum" A refuge city (in logs) built in the l1700's as an escape for the French Royal Family- Marie Antoinette, etc.. Needless to say neither she or her head ever made it there.

More as it becomes available. I hope you can join us. Please make any friends aware who think would like to come. I'll send out the B & B list this month

Carl Chaffee Phone 44 7767 326288

For those of you who moved to SHAPE Belgium from Paris, the following event is taking place in June 2017, in Belgium.
SHAPE Alumni 50th Anniversary (in Belgium)
The SHAPE Alumni Association has prepared a spectacular weekend of events from Friday, June 30th 2017 to Monday, July 3rd, 2017, and you are cordially invited!
Welcome Home Evening
Friday, June 30th, 2017
Venue at SHAPE Event Center (IC Club) & Big Tent
High School Homecoming Parade with Marching Band
Welcome drink, speeches and information corner
Concert followed by 50 years of Music
International Food trucks

Spartan Olympics
Saturday, July 1st, 2017
Opening Ceremony with Olympic Torch on the Sports Track
Venue at the Athletics Track, Main Gym, Pool, Soccer/Baseball Fields, Bowling Alley (Pizza Bowl), Sports Pavilion
Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Soccer, Baseball, Bowling and 5K fun run
Open to All Alumni and SHAPE Community
Olympic sports Initiation for Kids
Presence of Olympians and sports personalities

Saturday, July 1st, 2017
Venue: SHAPE Club (Officers' Club)
Dress Code: Formal
Gala Dinner and Dance with Special Honorary Guest
SHAPE International Band

Remembrance Day
Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
Venue: Collegiale St- Waudru in Mons
Church celebration in memory of fallen SHAPE Alumni
School Open day with expositions, yearbook display, school Museum
Inauguration of the SHAPE Sports Hall of Fame
Evening Entertainment "Spartan's got Talent"
BBQ at the SHAPE School Cafeteria

Sightseeing Day
Monday, July 3rd, 2017
Organized visits to Mons, Bruxelles, Bruges, Gand, Anvers, Paris
Belgian Breweries
Local Battlefields
School remains Open with expositions, yearbook display, school Museum

Go to for more information, and to register for this fantastic celebration.

Note: You must register (or re-register) on the alumni website (with very specific password setup requirements) before you can register for the event.